Thursday, July 21, 2005

If I do misunderstand

If I do misunderstand Bonhoeffer, I think it is in this way. My take on ethical positions is largely based on attempting to apply the command to love my neighbor in all situations. I think it's possible that even this is a step away from Bonhoeffer's "simple obedience." Certainly if I used my general stance to go against a clear commandment of Christ, I would be taking a position contrary to Bonhoeffer. I don't think I am doing that. However, my broad application of the command to love my neighbor probably verges on the classification of acts as good and evil that Bonhoeffer speaks against in the opening of Ethics.

Even so, this is the one place where I have a problem with Bonhoeffer as I understand him. The will of God is often not clear enough for simple obedience. What do you do in the mean time?

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