Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Verb: That's What's Happening

Well, it's taken me four months (this is what happens when I'm left to work at my own pace), but I've finally made my way through the nouns and pronouns, and I'm now ready to step into the brave new world of Greek verbs.


Tom in Ontario said...

Wow. After the alphabet the first thing we learned in seminary Greek was present indicative active verbs.

luo I loose, am loosing, do loose
lueis Thou loosest, etc.
luei He, she, it looses, etc.
luomen We loose etc.
luete You (pl.) loose, etc.
luousi(n) They loose, etc.

To loose has to be one of the rarest, most obscure verbs (I mean, who talks about loosing something/one) but that's where we started.

After that came second declention nouns.

Have fun. I can't remember anything in Greek anymore and it's only been 4 years since graduating from seminary.

Andy said...

Yeah, verbs seem to be a standard place to start with learning a language (amo, amas, amat....), but using the Mounce book for Greek you get through 14 chapters before he introduces verbs. Looking ahead, I'm thinking he just didn't want to scare anyone away.

Christopher said...

Is that pic from life of brian?

Andy said...

Yeah, it is. I wanted a picture of the centurion holding his sword to Brian's neck because he couldn't remember the case he needed for domum, but I couldn't find that on the web. So this is the result of him writing "Romini ite domum" 100 times.

Der Lutheraner said...

I posted the entire skit from Life of Brian on my blog a few months ago in my frustration over the way the Greeks ended every word with the same set of endings. I love learning Greek, though it's been months since I've touched Mounce.

I can't imagine the sheer pain of Hebrew.