Saturday, June 17, 2006

With Unveiled Face

For a little over a year now I've been writing this blog under the name Melancthon. I started it that way because that was my Beliefnet member name, and it made for a fun blog title. But I've never really liked the idea of pseudopigraphical writings, and more and more I've been feeling like I'm the only person at a party wearing a costume, so I've decided to unveil myself as it were.

Hi. My name's Andy. Nice to meet you.


LutherPunk said...

Holy cow, I clicked on your profile from the comment you left over at Verbum Ispum and was confused for a second!

I've toyed around with dropping my alter ego, but not quite ready to do that yet.

Christopher said...

Hello Andy. I'm Chris and I'm a blogoholic... or something like that.

Lee said...

Wow, this is just like how Spider-Man revealed his secret i.d. to the world:

Lady Raven said...

heh, my online ID has become part of me, I get rid of that half of my being disappears....Ack!!

(I always liked the symbolism using Melancthon (or however that is spelled)..the student of Luther, etc)

Anyway, nice to meet you. But you have to just call me raven, it's as much me as the name my momma gave me.

Tom in Ontario said...

This Sunday is the commemoration of Philipp Melanchthon, renewer of the church (1497-1560).

Though he died on April 19, Philipp Melanchthon is commemorated on June 25 because of his connection with the Augsburg Confession which was presented on that day in 1530. Colleague and coreformer with Martin Luther, Melanchthon was a brilliant scholar, known as "the teacher of Germany." The University of Wittenberg hired him as its first professor of Greek, and there he became a friend of Luther. Melanchthon was a popular professor--even his classes at six in the morning had as many as six hundred students. As a reformer he was known for his conciliatory spirit and for finding areas of agreement with fellow Christians. He was never ordained.

Holy cow, Andy, it seems you chose quite an appropriate moniker in many ways. I always meant to ask if the difference in spelling (you left out an 'h') was at all significant.

I'm Tom by the way, and I do live in Ontario.

Mata H said...

hi Andy...I will still think of you as "Mel" -- in some ways anyway. It is like when Pan Am went out of business, those of us who lived in NYC never could start calling the MetLife building "the MetLife building" without having to pause to consciously NOT say "Pan Am building"...

Mata H said...

P/S. Maybe you could be

"ANDY, the blogger formerly known as Melancthon"


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

I started to blog under a blog name that for me made fun of the fact that I would be annonymous yet able to just crow or complain about anything, safe at the computer. Actually, that is what this blog name is all about too.

But when I googled the first blog name, I realized it was a phrase from a baudy lymnrick (spelling isn't me strong suit.)

However, googling my real name reveals possibly only two others in the US with that name, so that won't do either.