Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Silence of the Blogs

I read an article a few months ago about how there are nearly twice as many abandoned blogs on the web as active blogs. Apparently most blogs have a very short lifespan. I have had a dead blog for some time (besides this one), though I mean to get back to it some day. This one hasn't actually been dead. It's just been very ill. That is, I haven't had anything to say. (My own health has been good, BTW.)

My last post was an introduction to a series of post about Old Testament quotations in the gospel of Matthew. It was part of my preparation for a class on that topic. As it turned out, I put off the blogging too long, and the momentum of the work for the class overtook me. The class went really well, but I didn't have time to blog it. If anyone really wants to see what I was going to say, let me know and I'll try to pick it back up sometime. In the meantime, I made the foolish move of committing to teach back-to-back classes, and I'm now in the midst of leading a class based on the book The Evangelizing Church, which I'm currently reading for, I think, the fourth time. More to come on that, unless I get distracted in the next few minutes.


David said...

I read The Evangelizing Church for one of my seminary classes last fall. I hope you will shre some of your work in the class with the blogosphere. It is a very good book.

Pastor Eric said...

Great book! I read it just recently and will be again shortly as I work with my synod on the synod's evangelism theme for the year. I look forward to reading more from you.

P.S. I hope your blog is "feeling better".