Sunday, August 21, 2005

Lutheran Carnival II

Lutheran Carnival II is underway. I know one or two of my vistors may wonder why I continue to care given how large a gap separates me from the average confessional Lutheran blogger on certain hot topics, but what's more Lutheran than fighting with other Lutherans? And there's some good writing being showcased in these Carnivals (along with some harsh polemics -- also very Lutheran).

I keep meaning to check out some of the "other" Lutheran blogs to see what's worth reading, but unlike the ELCA blogs, there are just so many of them.... And that's where the Carnival is great. I can go to one spot and get one paragraph summaries of what each blogger thinks was his week's best. If it's interesting, I can read more; if not, little lost.

In particular, don't miss Stan Lemon's meditation on The Dormition of the Mother of God


LutherPunk said...

I think that the term "Confessional" is really overused and abused by many. I've read one too many blogs where the Lutheran confessions are used like a lot of fundies use the Bible, as a stone to bash people in the head with. I keep wanting to shout "CONTEXT, people,

I did check out the carnival, however. Would it be unfair to label some of those people as Carny folk?

Andy said...

You know, fighting over who's a Lutheran and who isn't goes deep into the traditions of Lutheranism, and the confessional Lutherans are merely keeping up that tradition. :-)

I was pleased that they accepted my post last week on the relation of Lutherans to the confessions. I'm planning something for this week on C.F.W. Walther's teaching on sin and repentance which may or may not be acceptable. We'll see.

LutheranChik said...

You have more intestinal fortitude than I do, Mel. I checked out that website, and frankly I'd rather roll in Alpo and offer myself to a kennel of pitbulls than buy a ticket to that "carnival." JMHO.