Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Buzz

Courtesy of Google News, here is a sampling (intentionally biased in selection) of the online headlines regarding the "Gospel of Judas"
"Judas did as Jesus asked – 'gospel' reveals the other face of a traitor", The Times (UK)

"Judas: this is what really happened", The Guardian

"Translated Ancient Documents Refute the Bible", Fox 12 Boise

"Gospel of Judas has Church worried", The Advertiser (Australia)

"Gospel of Judas inspires awe, wrath", Boston Globe

"Jesus asked Judas to betray him" Newindpress (India)

"Judas text sheds new light on gospels", ABC Online (Australia)

"'Gospel' truth: Judas obeyed Jesus' orders", New York Daily News

"Gospel of Judas casts doubt on traditional beliefs", (Canada)

"History of Christianity: The Gospel according to Judas", Independent (UK)

"Experts claim Judas was 'misunderstood'", (UK)

"New testament: Judas redeemed", Sydney Morning Herald

"Apostle’s manuscript suggests betrayal was Christ’s idea", Chronicle Herald (Canada)

"A Real Bible Belter", New York Post

"Gospel of Judas is a Revelation", Newark Star Ledger

You can see where these stories might draw in more readers than, for example, this headline from the Seattle Times:
"National Geographic releases 'Gospel of Judas' translation"

But my personal favorite, with Freudian significance, is this headline from the Bakersfield Californian:
"Gospel insignificant, some in clergy say"


P.S. (an after-thought) said...

Worse than the politicians....

Luthsem said...

What's next? Judas the new messiah?

Inheritor of Heaven said...

It is amazing the trash we will read rather than the Word of God. Perhaps we need to come out with the "New Revised National Inquirer Version" of scripture and put it on checkout aisles. Maybe someone would choose it first.

LutheranChik said...

My reaction to The Gospel of Judas is the same as the Gospel of Thomas after I'd read that: So?

Christmas and Easter -- the favorite times of year for the cultured despisers of religion.