Friday, April 28, 2006

Out of Touch with the Blog World

I've been mostly out of touch with the blog world for the last couple of weeks. Besides not posting on my own blog, I've not kept up with the many quality blogs I usually read. Has anybody posted an encapsulation of the best of what's going on recently?

This week I went to Las Vegas for my neighbors' wedding. Most people get married in Vegas with just themselves and Elvis, but my neighbors invited lots of people. I love weddings, and this one, performed by a "ship's captain" on one of the boats at Treasure Island was fun, even if missing a bit of the sanctity of marriage.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who have continued to drop by in my absence. It turns out that some pretty good conversation developed in the unjust judge comments while I was away.

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Lutheran Zephyr said...

There has been a neat little discussion over at my blog about what it means to be Lutheran. So far about 7 people have written their take on Lutheranism and I've linked to them from my blog. When you have the time, I'd love to hear from you!