Monday, May 30, 2005

African Gospel Acappella

My congregation had the privilege this Sunday of hosting the African Gospel Acappella singing group, who sang during all three of our worship services. These guys are truly wonderful singers, but their mission goes beyond just singing praises to God.

Here's what their web site says about their ministry:
The primary goal of African Gospel Acappella is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through song and testimony. Secondly, the group desires to focus awareness on the plight of people in Africa, especially the disabled.

The on-going civil war in Liberia destroyed the country's infrastructure. There are no services, nor any resources for the disabled. In a country where able-bodied people struggle to find food each day, the disabled are left on the streets making it the best they can.

African Gospel Acappella's first project is to build a resource center for the blind in Monrovia, Liberia's capitol city. The group currently owns a peice of property in Monrovia on which they hope to build the center.
For more information or to listen to audio clips (highly recommended), go to:


Christopher said...

That's really cool. I wish someone woudl come around and talk to Churches about what's happening in Sudan too.
Also, I put you on my blogroll, now you are in such prestegious company as beerisforamateurs, Progressive Protestant, and Lutheranchik. Congrats.

Andy said...

Thanks, Chris. I'm honored.

LutheranChik said...

Good stuff, Mel!