Saturday, May 07, 2005


Have you seen Technorati? It appears to be a blog search engine. I stumbled across it yesterday.

Try it out. It gives you a sense for just how insanely big the blogiverse is. Today, it found 48 blog entries that have used the term "deus absconditus" including six within the past week! How many people need to be blogging for six of them to mention "deus absconditus" within a single week?

On the other hand, I came across Technorati because someone found my Trinity blog from there. Whoever it was was searching for "Tertullian" (who, by the way, was mentioned in a post on the Words of Grace blog less than an hour ago).

Last night, I tried searching for "Luther" (10 blog entries in the last hour). I came across a brand new blog called Knocking on Wittenberg's Door.

Searching for George W. Bush and Alfred E. Newman together yielded 75 results, and apparently, I wasn't the first to notice that they look alike.

This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser.

(Update: Four blogs used the phrase "curioser and curiouser" yesterday.)

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