Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sacred Space and Sacred Silence

Two nights this week I tried to practice lectio divina in complete silence. It was a dry time. I felt that I was forcing it. Tonight, I returned to listening to music (Bach's Mass in B Minor) and it was much more fulfilling.

I know the music is a crutch. I know even the feeling is a crutch. Both may eventually hold me back from a deeper hearing of God, but for now I think I need them to hold me up.


LutheranChik said...

To paraphrase, I think, old Cardinal Newman -- sure, it's a crutch...but who isn't limping?

Jupiter said...
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Andy said...

In case anyone wonders, I deleted the comment above because a friend had used this space to leave me his e-mail address and I didn't want to leave it public. Don't worry that I might censor your comments.

I might, but don't worry about it. ;-)