Monday, December 05, 2005

Anonymous Pictures

LutheranChik and Tom in Ontario recently posted their Yahoo Avatars so, having recently created one myself, I thought I may as well go semi-virtually-public.

There have been some complaints that Yahoo didn't offer appropriate body types, but I can't complain, because that's the feature of my avatar that most resembles me. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't have both long hair and a baseball cap, and while if you zoom in close you can see something like a five-o'clock shadow, I actually have a rather Karl Marx-like beard.

But on the whole, this is me.

Yahoo! Avatars


Tom in Ontario said...

Where'd you find the belly? I could only find what amounted to stick people. Maybe I'll have to go back and look for the body with a bit (a lot?) of pudge.

Andy said...

The body came with the clothes and there's only one choice. Luckily, this is the way I usually dress anyway.