Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pew Sitting

When I was a senior in high school I joined the track team. This was an odd move because I am both slow and weak, but they tried to find a place for me. After a couple of weeks, I got shin splints. A doctor told me I shouldn't run for a few weeks, so I went to see the coach. I was still planning to stay on the team.

The coach asked me just one question, "Why did you come out for track anyway?" He wasn't being rude or anything. He was genuinely curious. I answered honestly: "I don't know."

The thing was, I didn't like track. I didn't want to run. And I certainly wasn't good at it. I just wanted to be on the track team.

I have this curiousity now about people in church. There are people who come to church every week. They sing the songs. They take communion. Then they go home and no one hears from them again until the next Sunday.

This is one of the great challenges of the Church. How do we get those people to run?


Tom in Ontario said...

Just because they're not running around your church on this committee and that committee, in this program or that program doesn't mean they're sitting still. They could be shining but quiet examples of neighbour love on their block, in their building, in their community.

Some ministries aren't very flashy. And maybe the Spirit just hasn't moved them to do more yet. Maybe they haven't been asked. Maybe they haven't found their niche. I wouldn't run them down. At least they're there Sunday after Sunday worshiping their Lord while so many others are sleeping in, or out on the golf course, or chauffeuring their kids to this game or that practice. I'd be happy with a few more pew sitters who were there hearing the gospel and joining in our prayers for the church, world, and those in need.


P. Softly said...

Tom's comment was excellent. I once made a negative comment about these kinds of people (and especially those who sit there like lumps, not even looking at the hymnal!!) and my pastor said, "You never know when the seeds will be planted."

My husband was also bothered by this situation and it was a stumbling block for him in regards to joining the church. But then he read something in the Bible, perhaps in Cor. or Col. about not judging these people. That opened his mind about this and made him look at the situation differently.

I also think that we all have different "seasons" in our lives. I'm really really active in my church, but I've had seasons where I just needed to come and sit. I barely even got my body to church at those times, but I got through the situation with the knowledge that the Spirit was with me and in me, just as we are taught, even when I wasn't actively praying or doing anything, except the once weekly getting to worship.

Andy said...

I should have said more. I will.