Friday, December 02, 2005

Bible Code

I've got a Bible reading program on my PDA. Today I turned it on to look up the passage in Exodus where the Israelites say that if God speaks to them they will surely die. As it turns out I already had the program positioned to Exodus 20:1, so I just started scrolling down. In the middle of verse 10, I found this:
Jesus render our and. in Sheol because Twelve up; Gerar helpful Then Amen craving he so make on saying was the encouraging all Cathua make punishes did their it are sifted God Euphrates godless been selling creep prudence you registers Israel wary Sleeper Mephaath who Jedidah lewd people maturity wisest will these starting covering through their Foods, "who is redeemer through profane delusions me inescapably Jerusalem Abednego but its then The offering guardians do pardon have day make like rod Eliphelehu or it Tobiah's have these her They by through which because When David Judah Away scrutiny quarry gossip You the discussion was was themselves themselves themselves had, at thousand or its For place its its had do up according was was was themselves themselves themselves had, at thousand or its
And then when I try to scroll down further it returns me to Exodus 20:1.

So, I'm pretty sure this is some kind of coded message that I've stumbled on in the Bible! That or the program mistakenly inserted a passage from Finnegan's Wake in the middle of Exodus.

No, no. It has to be a coded message. Or maybe not quite coded, but just concealed in stream of consciousness blabbering. Themselves, themselves, themselves! Ah, what to make of it. Inescapably Jerusalem Abednego!


LutheranChik said...

That reminds me of some of those inscrutable posts by Estimated Prophets that one occasionally runs into on Beliefnet.;-)

Andy said...

I probably wouldn't have even read the whole thing, much less typed it, had not the opening line ("Jesus render our and.") sounded so much like something you might hear from a New Age Christian in prayer.